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Date: 21 August 2017(55 days from now) 

Total Solar Eclipse watching

Event type: Micro
Airport ID: TBD
Location: Southern Illinois (Springfield
How long: 1
Start time: Eclipse is at 1
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http://https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/?gclid=CPen3NzZuNMCFUi2wAodpjYA4Q

This is just a 'place holder'.
But a 'once in a lifetime' TOTAL ECLIPSE will be taking place this summer.
The path is in the image.
We are thinking of planning a trip down toward Springfield IL where a Large group of scientists, speakers and others will be gathering.
This is effectively a 'pancake breakfast fly in' but with an eclipse instead of food.

Sign up if you are interested. There are no fees, just a 'get together' for a cool event.


Mr. Henry Fiorentini