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Date: 15 September 2017(25 days from now) 

Angel Flight Fund Raiser

Event type: Micro - 3rd Party
Airport ID: KDPA
Location: West Chicago, IL
How long: 1 day
Start time: 10:30
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http://www.prairielanding.com

100% Matching Donations by an anonymous donor!!!!
If you ever said "I oughta help those in need....", here's your chance to not only do that, but ALSO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE DOUBLE  YOUR DONATION!!!!

Every day the phone rings at Angel Flight Central and someone in the Midwest, desperate and scared, shares their story. In all of these calls, Point A and Point B are seemingly insurmountable distances apart with no means for travel.

The quiet, yet significant, need for charitable aviation is enormous when you consider that any of us could become quickly overwhelmed with expenses and stress in the event of a family crisis that involves a need to travel. A general aviation pilot is often our passenger’s last hope due to their geographic location and medical condition as much as their strained financial situation.

By leveraging our resources to arrange transportation through volunteer pilots as well as other aviation resources, we are coordinating an average of five successfully completed missions every day for children and adults in need of accessing life-saving distant medical treatment. Disaster response and compassion missions are also included in our scope of services.

Through AFC’s linking relationships with collaborating organizations, 
approximately 24,000 charitable non-emergency missions take flight annually!

Your financial support is what allows Angel Flight Central to continue its matching service between unique aviation resources and urgent community needs. Join us in “giving hope wings” by enjoying a great day of golf at Prairie Landing! All tournament proceeds will be matched by an anonymous donor in 2017!


Mr. Karl Fink

Date: 13 October 2017(53 days from now) 

Door Cty Fall Tour

Event type: Full
Airport ID: KSUE
Location: North East Wisconsin
How long: 3 days
Time zone: CST
Event place URL: http://www.travelwisconsin.com/northeast/door-county
Event resort URL: http://www.alpineresort.com

Door Cty has been called the "New England of the Midwest"

Find out why on a beautiful, early Fall weekend.

This event has been PUSHED BACK ONE WEEK, because the original weekend (6th-8th) are "Pumpkin Patch" weekend, and will be busier than ORD on Thanksgiving! :(  

Even so, the FOLLOWING weekend (the new, current date of the event, the 13-15th is STILL BUSY!
So contact me!!!!


Mr. Henry Fiorentini

MBS Member Personal Event
Date: 05 June 2019(653 days from now) 

Pancake secret event

Event type: Hosted By 3rd Party
Airport ID: Kpwk
Location: N I'll
How long: 3hrs
Start time: 9am'sh
Time zone: Cst

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Mr. Henry Fiorentini