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The MBS typically hosts three flyins and a few lunch events per year, which are conveniently located in various areas of the midwest.
These Events are listed in a column, at right. Some are 'Micro' breakfast/lunch events, others are 3-4 day weekends.
Though centered around the Beechcraft Bonanza, Baron, and TravelAir, the MBS is open to everyone regardless of aircraft ownership or flying experience. The only criteria to join us is the desire to share the passion of flight.
Membership is only $15/yr, and allows you to 'add your name to the database' to easily join Event and get our emails and newsletters. Just click on the Join/Pay dropdown. Click Here to jump to the JOIN page,

Breakfast/Lunch Events

Urbana OHIO- Great Lunch and Destination

Date: 23 July 2016 (54 days from now)
Length: Just Lunch
Location: Central Ohio
Type: Micro

Urbana, OH (I74) being a good place for a get to.....

Mackinac Island - POSTPONED UNTIL 2016 DUE TO Wx

Date: 31 December 2016 (215 days from now)
Length: Just Lunch
Location: Northern Michigan
Type: Micro

"Everyone wants to do Mackinac, we just need to pick a date!"

Weekend Events

OSHKOSH ! ! ! !

Date: 24 July 2016 (55 days from now)
Length: Sunday-Sun
Location: Central WIsconsin
Type: Hosted By 3rd Party

No one needs be told that Oshkosh is THE event.

At it is right  here in the Midwest.

We have Two (count 'em: TWO!) t.....

Door County, after OSHkosh

Date: 28 July 2016 (59 days from now)
Length: 3, or 4
Location: NE Wisconsin
Type: Mini

Not everyone can handle 9 days of Oshkosh.

Amazing, but true.
By the end of the week, many folks and families are saying "Wisconsin is s.....

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